Principal of Doon Oxford School
Mrs. Sunil Arora, Principal of Doon Oxford School


 “Education has for its object the formation of character.”

   – Herbert Spencer.

Education builds the man, so it builds the nation. I believe that the fundamental role of education is to inspire students to become learners for life and pursue knowledge independently. Our school focuses on enabling every child to reach their full potential in classroom and all fields of activity. The school places an emphasis on total personality development of each student. Every child gets freedom and space for individual expression, and so mature into confident human beings.

For the all-round development of the personality we need to work on all fronts. A good value system is the foundation on which we can raise the personality of an individual. Value education teaches us to preserve whatever is good and worthwhile in what we have inherited from our culture and it has the capacity to transform a diseased mind into a fresh, healthy, mature and attentive mind. The transformed mind is capable of high sensitivity and heightened level of perception.

– Mrs. Kiranjit Kaur Kataria, Principal of Doon Oxford School